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Why Do You Need Nirco Pain Relief Patch

What Can Nirco Pain Relief Patch Do?


This Nirco patch is designed to alleviate minor aches and external pains in the muscles and joints brought about by strains, backaches, bruises, sprains and arthritis. With the deep penetrating heat that comes from this analgesic patch, users will be able to find relief from localized pain quickly.

If you have been suffering from a joint or muscle pain, this product should be able to provide you fast but temporary relief. By using this fast acting patch, it should put the back pain to an end without taking any pills.


How Effective is the Nirco Pain Relief Patch?


Nirco Pain Relief Patch is very effective in relieving all kinds of skin aches. Once the patch is applied, it gives a soothing and long-lasting effect.

This patch has active ingredients that include methyl salicylate, menthol, and camphor. As soon as the patch is applied on the affected area, it will very soon starts giving temporary comfort from pain.

When you apply the patch, you will feel warm and ease. It can be worn underneath your clothing without worrying of greasy residue or stain. With its hydrogel base, the ingredients on the patch can quickly penetrate the skin once it is applied. It can stimulates blood circulation in the affected area. The rejuvenating effect of Nirco Pain Relief Patch can last up to 12 hours


Usage Tips for Nirco Pain Relief Patch


Although Pain Relief Patch is generally safe, there are things you do need to pay attention:


  1. The patch is not designed to treat broken skin. It contains material that are transdermal, thus cannot used on wounds or cuts.


  1. According to Chinese traditional medicine, patch should not be applied on children. Nirco do not recommended the patch for patients under 12 years old.


  1. Overuse of the patch may lead to health issues, which is why the Pain Relief Patch should be limited to up to 4 times daily. Those who are allergic to aspirin and menthol are advised to consult a doctor before using the patch.


  1. The patch is designed to cover a large area. However, if the affected area is small, feel free to cut the patch to your desired size and shape. This will result in performance loss or affect the effect.


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