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Nirco Slim Diet Patch – Make You Slender Again

What Advantages Does Nirco Slim Diet Patch Have?


When you are trying to lose weight, an appetite-control supplement will be very helpful. However, these supplements often come in pill, tablet, or capsule, which are quite troublesome because you have to take them three times a day on a regular basis. With innovative skin patch technology, Nirco has developed a powerful fat fighting lose weight patch that helps ingredients absorbed by your body directly through skin.


Unlike pills or capsules, the Nirco Slim Patch makes it possible for direct contact of the active ingredients into your skin, allowing transdermal constituent to infiltrate into your body instead of slipping through your digestive system. Thus, the Nirco Slim Diet Patch can release active ingredients steadily for a period of 24 hours. This means one patch per day will be enough, and you can lose weight even when you are asleep.


What is in the Nirco Slim Diet Patch that Works for Losing-weight?


Nirco Slim Diet Patch adopts traditional herb medicine that helps you contain appetite or accelerate body metabolism, thus lower your calorie intake. Here are three main effective ingredients:


  1. Seaweed Extract


The Seaweed Extract is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It can contain your desire to eat while supply enough nutrition to your body to keep you healthy. By stimulating the thyroid, it will also increase body’s metabolic rate, helping to burn extra body fat. The seaweed extract in Nirco Slim Diet Patch ensures you will have enough energy to get through exercise session.


  1. Acai Fruit Extract


A powerful weight loss aid, the Acai Fruit Extract contains essential fatty acids, amino acids, and phytosterols, all help the body burn fat more efficiently, and lead to a quicker weight loss. Among the extracts, the Amino acids help the body recover from exercise, and the phytosterols help the body absorb nutrients more efficiently.


  1. Green Tea Leaf Extract


Green tea extracts are known aids for beauty and weight losing. Green tea contain rich antioxidants, which are great at boosting calorie and fat metabolism by helping cells break down more fat.


How to Use Nirco Slim Diet Patch?


Nirco Slim Diet Patch is easy and convenient to use. Simply place one Slim Patch on your skin where you want to lose body fat, and wear it for continuous 24 hours for its active ingredients to be delivered straight into your body. After 24 hours, remove the patch and apply another one in a new area.

Make Yourself Slimmer and Healthier NOW!

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