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How ‘Transdermal’ Process Works for Nicotine Patch

Why Use Transdermal Patch?


In the process of quit smoking, many people find it difficult to swallow pills: some find it hard to remember taking the pill regularly; some are just not into pills. Fortunately, transdermal drugs, such as nicotine, can be taken through skin. By putting on a nicotine transdermal patch to skin, it can release small quantities of drugs into the blood stream for an extended period slowly and regularly. Nicotine is absorbed from the patch, through the outer skin to the blood stream and circulated through the body, making the patch a preferable choice for those having trouble taking pills.


What are the Advantages of Transdermal Patches?


Transdermal nicotine patches is one of the proven quit smoking methods to help people stop smoking. Smokers can gradually decrease the nicotine dose they receive from patches, and eventually stop using the patch and successful quit smoking. There are several advantages to taking nicotine via patches:

  1. The nicotine is safer compared with other medication: it is absorbed at a steady rate to the blood stream; takes the place of nicotine from cigarette smoking and helps prevent withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Nicotine patches are available without a prescription. Thus, you no longer need to take medications on a regular basis.
  3. The transdermal process does not interfere with your stomach. You can use the patch even there is illness for your stomach.


Transdermal Patch Instructions


There are things you need to pay attention when using the transdermal patches:

  1. People who use transdermal patches can suffer an overdose if the patch is broken or cut open; too much medicine gets on and through the skin. You should only apply the patch to clean, dry, undamaged skin. If the skin is broken or irritated, you are risking yourself to overdosing because too much nicotine could be absorbed
  2. Make sure the patch is applied firmly. It may take 30 seconds to get the entire adhesive to stick firmly on skin.
  3. Wash your hands after applying a patch to yourself or someone else.
  4. Use only one patch at a time because wearing too many patches can also cause an overdose. If you have developed skin irritation from the adhesive, stop using the next patch and observe skin condition until the irritation goes.
  5. When your remove a skin patch, fold it so the adhesive edges stick together. Throw it away so that children or pets cannot get to it. Gently wash the area with soap and water after the removal.


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