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What is Shadow Shield, and Why It Is Helpful

A Little Helper of Eye Makeup – Nirco Shadow Shield


Doing makeup can kill time, especially when your hand accidentally trembles and your eyes end up like a cute raccoon. Sometimes eye shadow powder fall into your eyes and make things even more difficult. Anyway, nobody wants to start all over. So, how do we avoid this awkward situation? One of the possible solution is the Nirco under eye shadow shield.

The Nirco shadow shield is a skin-friendly, self-adhesive patch that is designed to attach under eyes to protect them from eye shadow fallout. With the help of shadow shield, your both hands can be freed from hanging, and the chance of a total mess will be much lower. As a result, you get a better eye makeup and save a lot of strength.


How Nirco Shadow Shield Helps You Doing Makeup


When applied under eyes, the shadow shield creates a straight edge for eye shadow, thus the eye shadow powder cannot fall to your cheeks.

In addition, the shadow shield can help eyelash makeup by preventing messy mascara blemishes. It provides an edge to for you to align so that you can draw a perfect eye line.

Apart from eye makeup, the shadow can be a great aid in perfecting lipstick application. The only limitation to the use of shadow shield is your imagination!


Buy Nirco Shadow Shield NOW!


If you would like a quick, flawless, smoky eye makeup, then the Nirco™ Shadow Shields are just for you! Nirco is a professional health care product OEM with more than ten years of experience, we provide our customers with best shadow shields, just feel free to buy!

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