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Nirco Foot Patch: A Natural Health Care for Feet

A Combination of Eastern and Western Medicine: Nirco Foot Patch


According to Chinese medication, human body has over 300 acupunctures. More than one fifth of the acupunctures are on the soles of our feet, which are reflex zones of our major internal organs. A detox patch can warm the skin, causing pores to open, and draws out accumulated wastes via the pores from the blood and lymph systems.

Nirco Foot Patch is such an incredible detox method presently available, in which Nirco utilizes research of ancient Chinese medicine to unleash the natural power of healing herbs and plants to create a safe formula that can draw toxins from the acupuncture points at the bottom of the foot.

The power of Nirco Foot Patches lies to its natural ingredients, which has been extensively tested to prove its efficiency.


Main Natural Ingredients of the Nirco Foot Patch


The Nirco Foot Patch contains dry powder of proven traditional medications. Here are some of the main ingredients:


  1. Tourmaline Powder


Tourmaline is best known for its chemical reaction with water, which release acetylene and heat. Nirco Foot Patch’s self-heating design makes the patch consist of about 8% tourmaline, which will generate enough heat to stabilizing and cleansing our bodies.


  1. Mokcho Powder


Mokcho Powder is the product of wood distillation, which contains about eight hundred organic matters with significant amounts of useful minerals including Ca, Na, Fe, Mg, Zn and SOD. Mocho Powder can radiate natural infrared ray. When Nirco Foot Patches are applied to the skin, you can see the change in color as certain waste substances are absorbed.


  1. Agaricus Mushrooms


Agaricus contains high-level effective ingredients such as polysaccharides, ribonucleic acid protein compounds, acid heteroglucan, xyloglucan, lectin, etc. When these ingredients are combined into the patch, it will enhance the activity of blood cells, and stimulate body metabolism.


There are other herbs and medicines in the patch in low dosage and are hereby omitted. No detrimental chemicals and no animal products are used during the manufacturing of the Nirco Foot Patch.


How to Use the Nirco Foot Patch


Nirco Foot Patches come in an independent sterile package, and the use is very easy. Peel the package and attach the patch to the soles of your feet, and left on for 8 hours while sleeping. The degree of toxin removal can be easily seen: the next morning, you can see the patches become be brownish from grayish in color. With continuous use, there will be a visible reduction in the stain and odor of the foot patches.


Take a Better Care of Your Feet Today!

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