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Do You Really Know How to Use Nicotine Patch?

Why Would Nicotine Patch Not Working for Some People


Although the nicotine patch has seen more than 30 years of success as a smoking cessation around the world, some smokers have complained about the patches, claim it did not work for them.

This is unlikely to happen, only if you are allergic to nicotine, but then you wouldn’t smoke in the first place. In fact, if you take a closer look, most of the failed cases are due to the person’s own mistake, not the nicotine patches.


Using Nicotine Patch: The Proper Manner


Nicotine patch can only be effective when properly used! Here are some advices that may be helpful to you:


  1. You have to be committed and motivated to quit. The patch can fulfill your nicotine cravings, but in the end of the day, you have to fight it yourself.


  1. Read and follow instructions given on the label. Manufacturers recommend a best usage for a reason, and it can make a big difference between following and not following the instructions.


  1. If you decided to use the patch, use it regularly. Start wearing a patch on your quit day. Not a day before or a day after


  1. Everyone’s best spot for patches on the body is different; you just have to try to find it by yourself. For example, some people may find it convenient to stick it on their arm, while others find it better to slam it on their buttocks.


  1. Do not wear the patch for too long. FDA allows using patches for more than eight weeks, but it is better to stop using the patch after 8-10 weeks, so that you don’t jump from one addition to another.


  1. After you feel your cravings are under control, remove the patch before going to bed and wear again when you wake up. Doing this for two weeks, then try to proceed without the patches.


  1. Always remember to clean up after use. Wash your hands after applying a patch.


  1. The nicotine patch is made a whole piece with transdermal technique. Do not cutting patches in half or using more than one patch at a time.


How to Avoid Hazards of Nicotine Patches


Nicotine patches is a proven aid helpful in smoking cessation for their effect of minimize nicotine craving. However, sometimes the patch can bring you certain side effects.

Although minor side effects are worth the price of a smoke-free life, it is better if you can minimize these hazards.

To First, always choose the best nicotine patches by the most reputable brands;

Second, act on the recommended practices by the manufacturer;

Finally, always talk to an experienced medic before using one.



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