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Practical Tips on How to Reapply the Nicotine Patch

Nicotine patch is generally not recommended to be used again, however, with the following tricks, you will be able to reuse them again!


How to Reapply Nicotine Patch


To reapply nicotine patch, first prepare some small strips of waterproof medical adhesive tape. Cut and place the tape around the perimeter of the patch, just enough to catch the edges, and leave most of the adhesive tape area free to stick to your skin.


Second, pick a non-hairy, clean, and dry location on your skin that will not be affected by your normal body movement, like the area of your upper arm by the shoulder, or upper back area. You can put the patch on top area of one shoulder and then switch to the other shoulder the next day. Repeat the procedure the next day, and so on. To avoid irritation, each new patch placement area must not overlap the area that you have recently used. In addition, you should give the shoulder area enough of a “rest period” by rotating using your left and right upper back areas.


Finally, place the patch and cover with the palm of your hand. Apply pressure for about a half minute. If you are placing the patch on an area that is out of your reach, get a friend to help you press the patch, or you can lie on your bed to apply pressure with your own gravity. A pillow directly under the patch can be helpful.


Attentions to Reapplying Nicotine Replacement Patch


The nicotine patch will lose some strength every time you reuse it, so you need to put an identifiable mark on each individual patch for every time you use it. Go through all the patches until each one has a mark and then start again. This will give you a tapering dose of nicotine to quit smoking.

At some point, about three to six times reapplied, the patches will no longer be effective. And you still need to change for new patch.


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