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How to Set Your Self Free From Cigarette Addiction

The Risk of Cigarette Addiction


Addiction is very complex and common. It can have profound effects on a person’s life. In addition to compulsive behaviors such as those related to gambling, food, or sex, which may share risk factors and neurological changes with addiction, the best-known substance-related addictions are chemicals, most remarkably, nicotine.


The nicotine inside cigarettes is the most often harmfully used substances for recreation. It is understood that addiction is significantly more serious than unhealthy habits.


Like all addictions, an addiction to cigarette poses risks to both the physical and emotional health of the individual. Excessive smoking can create permanent health problems to the extent that withdrawal without medical support can be dangerous. As tolerance develops and addictions escalate, any and all of these risks can rise.


Treat Cigarette Addiction


Treatment for cigarette addiction can be as complicated as the disease itself. It is more complicated than most treatments, primarily because the person needing care may not yet recognize that fact. Legal repercussions – as with financial and interpersonal ones – can also become obstacles to reaching treatment. However, the fact remains: treatment is necessary and established.


All forms of cigarette addiction can benefit from cognitive and behavioral treatment programs. This type of treatment addresses behaviors and thoughts formed by the addiction as well as the patterns contributed to substance use.



While evidence exists that treating cigarette addiction like any other disease is effective, therapy and medical support can often be expensive and is not always accessible to those who need it most. Luckily, we have cheaper alternatives: the nicotine patch.


With less than $10 cost per day, Heavy smokers now can use some medication-assisted nicotine patch. With the help of the patch, the cigarette user can contain the daily dose of nicotine and gradually quit smoking.




Addiction is a disease, not a choice, and when faced with the signs of addiction in your life or that of someone you know, awareness and acceptance can be crucial to getting help and treatment early.

If you are already addicted to cigarette, don’t worry! Our nicotine patch can definitely help you!



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