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How to Set Your Self Free From Cigarette Addiction

The Risk of Cigarette Addiction   Addiction is very complex and common. It can have profound effects on a person’s life. In addition to compulsive behaviors such as those related to gambling, food, or sex, which may share risk factors and neurological changes with addiction, the best-known substance-related addictions are chemicals, most remarkably, nicotine.   [...]

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Why You Should Quit Smoking: Second Hand Smoke

Why Every Smoking People Should Quit   All smoking people would know smoking is harming their health, at least seen from cigarette packing. In fact, they may have heard it so often that they could be sick of anything related to quit smoking. Yes, smoking feels great, and any adults should can, and have the [...]

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Practical Tips on How to Reapply the Nicotine Patch

Nicotine patch is generally not recommended to be used again, however, with the following tricks, you will be able to reuse them again!   How to Reapply Nicotine Patch   To reapply nicotine patch, first prepare some small strips of waterproof medical adhesive tape. Cut and place the tape around the perimeter of the patch, [...]

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Do You Really Know How to Use Nicotine Patch?

Why Would Nicotine Patch Not Working for Some People   Although the nicotine patch has seen more than 30 years of success as a smoking cessation around the world, some smokers have complained about the patches, claim it did not work for them. This is unlikely to happen, only if you are allergic to nicotine, [...]

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Potential Benefits brought by Nicotine Patches

There is no doubt that nicotine patches can help you quit smoking, but do you know the additional uses for nicotine patch?   Nicotine Patches as Pain Reliever   Other than quit smoking, nicotine patches may have additional uses and purposes as well, according to a latest research. Some researchers from New York are studying [...]

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Nirco Foot Patch: A Natural Health Care for Feet

A Combination of Eastern and Western Medicine: Nirco Foot Patch   According to Chinese medication, human body has over 300 acupunctures. More than one fifth of the acupunctures are on the soles of our feet, which are reflex zones of our major internal organs. A detox patch can warm the skin, causing pores to open, [...]

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What is Shadow Shield, and Why It Is Helpful

A Little Helper of Eye Makeup – Nirco Shadow Shield   Doing makeup can kill time, especially when your hand accidentally trembles and your eyes end up like a cute raccoon. Sometimes eye shadow powder fall into your eyes and make things even more difficult. Anyway, nobody wants to start all over. So, how do [...]

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How ‘Transdermal’ Process Works for Nicotine Patch

Why Use Transdermal Patch?   In the process of quit smoking, many people find it difficult to swallow pills: some find it hard to remember taking the pill regularly; some are just not into pills. Fortunately, transdermal drugs, such as nicotine, can be taken through skin. By putting on a nicotine transdermal patch to skin, [...]

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Nicotine Patch: Boost Your Chance of Quit Smoking

How difficult quit smoking is? In fact, only about 5% of people who try to quit tobacco have succeeded without a quit smoking aid. In contrast, more than 30% of people succeed when using one. Therefore, if you really want to stop smoking, you might want to consider the FDA-approved nicotine patch.   Nicotine Patch: [...]

By | 2017-11-16T13:52:33+00:00 November 16th, 2017|blogs|0 Comments
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