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Cooling patch cooling temperature pad

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Natural plant extraction, safe and effective

A good way to adopt physical cooling for your baby. It not only bring the temperature down and prevent harm on your brain, also avoid the adverse reaction of the drugs.
Multi-use for cooling


Product Description

Why choose cooling pad?

Safe and not allergic
Its a hydrophilic polymer product and has a good adaptability to skin. It does not contain any medical components, allergen. With physical cooling, it’s fast and effective.

1.Lasting effect-Applied directly on your forehead, it makes your skin surface temperature down by 2-3℃ and last for 8 hours.
2.Physical cooling-If your body temperature doesn’t exceed 39℃, you can use the physical way to bring down the fever immediately to protect your brain.
3.refreshment-The light mint flavor make your brain refresh.
Relieve pain-The cooling pad can be used for relieving the toothache, sprain or headache.

Application: The people who need topical cooling
Effect: cool, refresh, heatstroke prevention, restoring consciousness
Storage: seal and keep away from light and heat

1.Please do not apply to the sensitive skin, areas near the eyes and mouth
2.If symptoms or redness on your skin, stop use and it will disappear.
3.Do Not apply on your hair, eyebrow or wet skin to avoid falling off.
4.This product is for health care purpose and can’t replace drugs. For external use only.

How to use:

1.Tear the protective liner from the patch and put the sticky side of the patch on the skin.
2.Please keep your skin dry and avoid repetitious movement in case it lowers the viscidity.
3.The cooling effect can last 4 hours. Please change a new one if the effect lower.
4.Stored in the cold closet can achieve a better effect.


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