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Nirco Nicotine Patch Smoking Cessation Patches (8 Boxes)

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Nicotine patch is a WHO recommended NRT. Nirco product adopts the latest Smartcontrol technology to pass the nicotine into your body and release them in a controlled way. As the most effective way of  smoking cessation, nicotine patch has helped thousands of smokers quit.

Product Description

Nirco provides nicotine patch with good quality and moderate price, and has helped thousands of smokers quit smoking.


Material: PE + adhesive layer
Cover area: around 12.5 cm²/paste
Weight: 32g/box
Number per box: 7 pastes
Guarantee period: 3 years


[Usage method of Nirco nicotine patch]
1.Put out the patch from the sealed package
2.tear down the detachable protection film
3.paste the product at the clean and dry body part (wrist, upper arm, chest or thigh)
Paste the product after getting up and take it off when going to bed. Please not paste the product at the same position every time so as to avoid stimulate the skin.
Dosage reference:
People who smoke less than 20 cigarette per day:
2 pastes/day at the first week ; 1.5 pastes/day at the second and third week; 1 paste/day at the fourth week;0.5 paste/day at the fifth week. People who smoke more than 20 cigarette per day:
1 more paste at the first and second week,and the same dosage at the last 3 weeks.
Basically 5 weeks using will help you quit smoking completely,we call it 5-week smoking cessation method(you may decrease the dosage according to the smoking condition and weight properly)

[Contraindication, notice and other contents which need to be alarmed or prompted]:
1.Please stop smoking and do not stay too long under smoking environment when using smoking cessation paste.
2.If you have uncomfortable situations such as dizziness, nausea, please take the paste off immediately and then decrease the dosage to use after recovering.
3.Please do not paste the product at the injury skin; when you feel uncomfortable, please change the position.
4.This product is a healthy product that it can not replace drug or medical instrument.

Package includes:
8 box*Smoking Cessation Patches


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