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Nirco Eye Care Patch Health Care Relieve asthenopia

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This product contains plant component extraction and helps relieve the discomfort that long-time use of computer, cellphone and the insufficient sleep bring.

Ingredients: Pure Water,Wild Chrysanthemum, Salvia miltiorrhiza, pearl essence, menthol crystal, hyaluronic acid, fibroin

Product Description

1.For external use , safe and convenient for eye protection
2.Extract the herbal extracts from plants
3.The tail shape design ensures that the acupuncture point around the eyes can be covered

How to Use
1.Clean your your hand and eye skin with wet wipes or fresh water
2. Tear the package from the gap.
3.Sit or lie down comfortably and take out the eye patch (regardless of positive and negative )
4.Close your eye and stick the patch under the eyebrow, to the temple, sooth your pad, making it fully access your skin.
5.Have the patch on your skin for at least 5-8 minute and make yourself fully relaxed
6.Take the patch from your eye and open your eye after about 10 seconds.

1.Please do not use if wounds&swelling in your eye,having skin allergy, or you are pregnant
2.Wash with water immediately if the patch ingredients enter in your eye
3.Please do not use if the bag is broken or swelling
4.This product can be used only once, and not reusable
5.This product is health care product and can’t replace drugs or medical instruments.

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