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Nirco™ Eye Mask

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Nirco™ eye mask contain rich collagen, designed to stick under eyes to slow down facial skin from aging, and effectively improve your skin condition


Product Description

Nirco™ Eye Mask Introduction


The Nirco Eye mask is a beauty eye mask with gel pad used for skin care . It contains rich nourishing ingredients, including collagen and hydrogel, effective against dry skin. Regular use of Nirco Eye mask can keep your face nourished, reducing and eliminating black eye, relieve skin fatigue, and make your facial skin age more slowly.


Nirco™ Eye Mask Features


– Water absorbing material soaked with collagen, complex Vitamin, and botanical extracts, all natural ingredient


– Eye mask sterile to avoid allergic and infection


– Single use, disposable. Environmental friendly material


Nirco™ Eye Mask Specifications


– Ingredients: natural collagen, epidermal growth factor, hyaluronic, complex vitamins, and plant extracts


– Size: 7.6*2.9 cm (3*1.1 inch, custom size available)


– Structure: Hydrophilic film + non-woven fabrics


– Packaging: two eye masks per pack


– Shelf life: 3 years


Why Buy Nirco™ Eye Mask


– Pure natural formula, effectively nourish your skin and delay skin aging


– OEM price, eye mask for sale in large quantities


– Fast delivery to your home


How to Use Nirco™ Eye Mask


  1. Wash your hand and face


  1. Open the package and take out the eye masks


  1. Gently press the eye mask under your eyes


  1. Close your eyes and lie down. Relax your body


  1. Tear off the masks after 15-20 minutes, and enjoy your beauty!


Nirco™ Eye Mask Tips and Cautions


  1. Do not apply the mask for more than 20 minutes. Whenever you feel the mask has become thinner and dryer, you should remove the mask as soon as possible.


  1. The Nirco™ Eye mask is for external use only. Do not use on recently sunburned, scratched, swollen, blemished, or inflamed skin.


  1. Stop using The Nirco™ Eye mask if you feel any discomfort


  1. Do not use Nirco™ Eye mask below zero degree Celsius or above 60 degree Celsius.


  1. Keep the Nirco™ Eye mask away from children.


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