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Nirco™ Eyelash Extension Pads

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The Nirco™ eyelash extension pads protect your eyes from foreign matter during doing make up, and help align the eyelash extension.


Product Description

Nirco™ Eyelash Extension Pads Introduction


The Nirco™ eyelash extension pads are a practical assistance for makeup. It helps you plant perfect artificial eyelashes. Nirco™ eyelash extension pad is pasted under eyes to cover lower eyelids and protect your eyes from falling eyelashes. In addition, apply Nirco™ eyelash extension makeup remover pads helps trim eyelashes on your eye, thus make your eyelashes look more neat and beautiful.


Nirco™ Eyelash Extension Pads Features


– Uses sterilized non-woven fabrics to prevent allergic; easy to detach and remove


– Effectively protect your eyes from exotic object intrusion


– Contain skin-friendly material, can ease dark circle and wrinkle on your face, helps you build a tight and white skin



Nirco™ Eyelash Extension Pads Specifications


– Standard Size: 7.6*2.9 cm (3*1.1 inch, custom size available)


– Ingredient: Non-woven fabrics, water, glycerol, hydrogel, aloe extract, vitamin C


– Package: 1 pair per packing; plastic bag or aluminum foil bag


– Shelf life: 3 years


Why Buy Nirco™ Eyelash Extension Pads


– Good quality control. Nirco™ has passed ISO: 9001 quality management certification.


– Nirco™’s owns a modern factory, can guarantee delivery of any quantity of Nirco™ eyelash extension pads that our dear customer wants


– Nirco™ provides a competitive offer on all its pads. We also have other pads you may need. Buy more pads and you can get a better discount. If you need to buy eyelash extension pads, Nirco™ will be your best choice.


How to Use Nirco™ Eyelash Extension Pads


  1. Clean skin around your eyes


  1. Open the Nirco™ eyelash extension pads’ package and carefully take out the pads.


  1. Remove the protective film on the Nirco™ eyelash extension pad. Apply the pad beneath your eyes. Do not let the pad cover your eye.


  1. Gently press the eye patch for 10 seconds, and then start planting eyelash


  1. Remove the Nirco™ eyelash extension pad after finished.


Nirco™ Eyelash Extension Pads Safety Caution


  1. The Nirco™ eyelash extension pad is for external use only. Do not apply Nirco™ eyelash extension pad on wounded skin


  1. In rare cases, the Nirco™ eyelash extension pad can cause redness on your skin. We suggest you apply a little piece of Nirco™ eyelash extension pad to your hand back or forearm before apply on your face to test if your skin are allergic to it or not. If there is anything wrong with the exposed skin part, stop using and refer to a doctor immediately.


  1. Do not use if you are pregnant, or taking prescription medicine. Please consult your doctor for more information.


  1. Keep out of Children’s reach


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