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Nirco™ Quit Smoking Machine

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Made of natural Chinese herb, no nicotine, 100% safe.
Use Nirco™ quit smoking machine just as you smoke a cigarette. This product does not need to be lit. The fragrant should ease your habituation.

Product Description

Nirco™ Quit Smoking Machine Introduction


The Nirco™ quit smoking machine is a cigarette-like bar designed to ease your habituation, and makes you smoke less. Among all quit smoking aids, the active constituent of Nirco™ quit smoking machine do not involve any industrial chemicals, and are less likely to raise health risks or cause hazards.


Nirco™ Quit Smoking Machine Features


– Pure herb ingredient, do not cause habituation

– No nicotine, nornicotine, or tar, reduce allergy risks

– Pleasant fragrance, make you forget the smell of cigarette

– Cold operation, Easy to use, do not need to lit

– Environmental friendly


Nirco™ Quit Smoking Machine Specification


Main Ingredient: ginseng, cordate houttuynia, syzygium aromaticum, mint

Packaging: 4 pieces per box

Shelf life: 3 years

Preservation: Store in dry and cool area, keep the package sealed


Why Buy Nirco™ Quit Smoking Machine


– Natural ingredient, minimum health risks

– Effective against cigarette addiction

– Factory outlet, competitive price

– Fast delivery directly to your residence


How to Use Nirco™ Quit Smoking Machine


  1. Pick one piece of Nirco™ quit smoking machine from packaging. DO NOT LIT


  1. Take a deep breath. Smoke the Nirco™ quit smoking machine just like you smoke cigarette


  1. Each Nirco™ quit smoking machine provides at least 20-minute smoking time. You may stop smoking Nirco™ quit smoking machine and pick it up anytime. Smoke until no fragrant can be smelled. You may discard Nirco™ quit smoking machine after it has run out of fragrant.


Nirco™ Quit Smoking Machine Safety Caution


  1. DO NOT smoke any cigarette during Nirco™ quit smoking machine usage, or drink tea or coffee. This will affect the quit smoking process.


  1. After you have used two to six (this number vary with each individual) boxes of Nirco™ quit smoking machine, you need to GRADUALLY DECREASE THE DOSE, until you can control your thirst for cigarette.


  1. As one of quit smoking alternatives, the Nirco™ Quit Smoking Machine cannot replace prescription medicine. Please use at your own discretion.


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