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Nirco™ Steam Eye Mask

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The Nirco™ Steam Eye Mask contains self-heating package and moisturized pad, provide a premium SPA experience to your eyes! Effective against eyestrain, and prevent myopia.


Product Description

Nirco™ Steam Eye Mask Introduction


Nirco™ steam eye mask is a practical tool for modern white-collar workers, especially suitable for those who work long hours in front of a LCD screen. The Nirco™ Steam Eye Mask is self-heating using innovative technology, can effectively ease eyestrain, remove skin wrinkle, and help relieve insomnia.


Nirco™ Steam Eye Mask Features


– Spontaneous thermal technology, do not need manual heat; release heat smoothly and steadily, 100% thermal safe


– Individual package, easy to use, more efficient


– Pleasant fragrance, easy to use


Nirco™ Steam Eye Mask Specifications


Ingredient: Ferrous powder, active carbon, purified water


Heating principle: The exothermal reaction of ferrous powder


Max Heating Temperature: 40⁰C


Size: 13.5*11.5cm (5.3*4.5 inch)


Packing: 1 piece per bag


Shelf life: 3 years



Why Buy Nirco™ Steam Eye Mask  


– Nirco™ Steam Eye Mask allows you enjoy self-help SPA at home


– Custom available, OEM price


– Fast delivery directly to your residence



How to Use Nirco™ Steam Eye Mask


  1. Clean your face first


  1. Peel off the packing of Nirco™ Steam Eye Mask and take out the mask. Unfold the mask and wear it on your eyes, just like wearing glasses.


  1. Close your eyes and relax, lay on a bed if possible, let your eyes be heated


  1. Take off the mask after about 20 minutes. In any case, if the Nirco™ Steam Eye Mask can no longer heat your eyes, you should take it off.


Nirco™ Steam Eye Mask Tips and Cautions


  1. If there is already something wrong (ophthalmia, corneitis, skin damage, swell, etc) with your eyes, do not use Nirco™ Steam Eye Mask.


  1. If you experience any discomfort during the wearing, take off the Nirco™ Steam Eye Mask immediately.


  1. The Nirco™ Steam Eye Mask is a disposable product. After using, discard the used steam eye mask properly. DO NOT reuse.


  1. Store the Nirco™ Steam Eye Mask in cool and dry area, and keep it out of children’s reach.


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