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Nirco Warm Uterus Paste Menstrual Cramp Reliever

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This product is for relieving the menstrual pain. With Chinese medicine and herbal essence, it effectively take effect and relieve the pain. It cares for women, warms channel to remove coldness. Give you warm in the cold winter.

Product Description


folium artemisiae argyi, Carthamus tinctorious, Asarum sieboldii, Cinnamon, clove, Ligusticum wallichii, corydalis tuber, leonurus, tourmaline

Where to use the patch?
1.It can be used on your cervical spine to warm your whole body.
2.Applied on your waist or belly, the aches on your waist or the cold on your belly can be relieved. Please remove the patch during sleep for it may burn your skin.
3.The patch can be applied on two sides of your waist in case of the cold air of air conditioner.

High Purity Iron Power Makes Heat Lasting
Safe Glue Gives Enough Viscosity
Breathable Membrane Brings Stable Warming
Non-woven Fabric Allows Evenly Heat.

Warm Your Uterus, Give Intimate Care
More Comfortable in Daily Life
Give You a Warmer Winter
Dispel Cold, Warm Body

Directions: For external use only. Tear the protective liner and put the sticky side of the paste on the skin 3cm under the belly button. Change it every 12hours. Ten boxes per session.


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